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Our library is one of the largest and earliest libraries of the area. Our predecessor (which was the first public library) was founded in 1899 and was liquidated by itself a few years after. After that there were only private libraries of great value in this area. Unfortunately a significant part of the books was destroyed during the war.

The library was established as a true public educational library in July of 1953 when the District Council founded the District Public Library with two functions: 

- providing books for the village residents by establishing deposit library

- developing the district library system and making professional and methodological control on it.

The year of 1960 was a milestone in the life of that hard fate institute up to that time. It moved to a new place – to the Culture Centre – and got competent staff in addition changed over to the open shelved lending system. They arranged successful programmes, published publications, brought about department for children and started to collect the local historical materials. 

In 1990 the Library got to the present location which is a building of 400 m2 specifically transformed to purposes of library. The building was specifically transformed to purposes of library. The reading room, magazine room, the EU Informational Corner, musical department, the offices, the local historical collection and the lending panel have been obtained arrangement on the ground floor. In the loft formed full of feeling to which of wooden panels have been decorated by alloy plaques of the Fallen in the First World War the specialized literature has been placed. The wooden beamed attic nature children’s library can be found in the attic making a good impression on the visitors. We can afford having various programmes here.

Getting into the building is clear however the inner forming of the building does not make the full clear possible. Our full of services are covered almost totally on the ground floor of the building.

The past one and a half decade has been brought significant development for the library in both technical and professional considerations. 

In 2010 our institute gained three significant tender supports resulting on the one side the full changing of our informational, office technical and other electronic devices and on the other side having programmes, trainings and collection of data in the interest of realizing the tenders main purpose: to improve the local residents’ traditional and online supply of library, with maintaining informational equal opportunity to establish common catalogue and electronic library, to promote the access to minority cultures, to promote the cultural information flow among the villages.

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